Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just as he Said

Reading from Luke, chapter 19,especially verses 28-44

Those who were sent ahead went and found it was just as he had told them. Luke 19:32 NIV

Jesus had just given two of his disciples specific instructions to get the colt of a donkey for him to ride into Jerusalem. For them to succeed, the right colt had to be where he said it would be and the people there had to allow them to take it. What if the colt was somewhere else? What if the people there wouldn’t allow them to take it? They may have wondered these things as they went, but they “found it was just as he had told them.

That is both reassuring and terrifying. Jesus wept over Jerusalem because he knew about its future destruction. In A.D. 70 things were again ”just as he had told them. Regardless of what we choose to believe or disbelieve, what we understand or misunderstand of God’s word, we will find that things will always be just as he has told us.

When we experience the truth of his words will it be a time of praise and celebration as it was for the disciples that day, or will it be a time of terror, without him, as it was for those who “did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you? Luke 19:44

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. He cared about their choice and wanted better for them. He also cares about how you or I choose. Those who rejoice choose to believe him.
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bennet said...

Good devotional! This is a very important point, and one I think many people forget about. One thing I did notice, the verse you quote at the beginning (Luke 19:32) is messed up. Other than that, good job!

DJ said...

Thank you, I've made the correction. Your input is helpful.